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The three most important features in men’s clothing are Fabric quality, Stitching Quality and Fitting. Custom made clothing or Made to measure Clothing addresses all these features at a micro level. 

The quality of the fabric and the finish of the garment is immaculate. The readymade industry is driven by bulk manufacturing and bulk sales. Brands that operate in bulk may not always keep quality and finishing as their top priority. Infact, most brands are very profit driven and they have to operate at a certain price point to meet their marketing criteria. Whenever there is a ceiling on the price of a product, quality almost always takes a back seat. Custom made clothing does not compromise on quality or finish. 

Fine fabrics and other high quality clothing materials are always produced in lesser quantities and always have their own prices. There is a popular misconception that buying materials in bulk makes the manufacturing process cheap. However, it does not work like that for high quality materials and fabrics. 

Choice of Fabric: Everyone has a different lifestyle and have a varied preference in the type of fabrics and design that they want to wear. When you opt for custom clothing, having control over your choice of fabrics puts you incharge of your own style. 

Better Fit: The clothes are made to measure and there is an understanding of your physiology and how the fabric should perform under various circumstances. The end result is a perfectly fitted garment that just improves your overall look. 

Better Stitching Materials: Custom clothing is all about choosing finer and high quality stitching materials. There are a lot of elements to be considered like quality of the collar band, cuff bands, button placket band, quality of thread, number of stitches per square inch, buttons, button stitching pattern, edge finishing, etc. At every stage, higher quality materials are used as compared to a readymade garment regardless of the brand.   

Better Durability: The high quality fabric coupled with great craftsmanship brings out a superior and a more durable product. Compare how it performs with your average readymade garment in terms of wear and tear, fabric constitution and colour variation. We are sure that the results will stun you and there is no better way to explain this.  You just have to see it for yourself. 

If we have to put in more simply, when you are buying a custom made garment, you are buying into the whole experience of finer fabrics, finer finishing and finer materials and not just any one by itself.